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    • Pharmacologist specializing in practitioner education on natural products and personalized medicine.
    • Consider taking this Depression Online Course with Dr. James Greenblatt to learn the basics of Nutritional Genomics and connecting Genotype to Phenotype.
    • Fix Your Genes to Fit Your Jeans by Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed is a practical book that explains the value of genetic analysis in understanding your individual nutritional and metabolic strengths and weaknesses.

Use the rs number (rsID) found on PureGenomics® reports (e.g. rs4680) as your search term. Entering “diet” and the rsID will help you find studies exploring a nutritional implication.The following databases require entry of the name of the SNP, not the gene.

  • Here is a link for a PureGenomics® patient brochure.
  • Also, your patient’s can access the Patient’s FAQ 
    • Find Directions on how to download data from 23andme or Ancestry.com and then upload into their PureGenomics® account


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