Why work with a Health Coach?

Why work with a Health Coach?

Fortunately, Functional Medicine has proven these interactions creating your symptoms do not need to be your destiny nor your identity.  You now have a choice. Functional Medicine offers you a process for transformation.

Coaching supports you through your change process. The process of moving from where you are [dominant story] to where you want to be [preferred story]. The process involves thinking, preparing and planning the implementation of lifestyle modifications that are within your current ability. Plus, planning for the character strengths and sources of inspiration you will rely on during backlash or trough-like periods that happen in life. Building on your strengths and your previous successes are cornerstones of empowerment. Overwhelm is only an indicator you are trying to do too much too soon.


Functional Medicine’s key element is engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Every movie, book, storyline has a hero who encounters a great conflict. The Hero partners with a Guide. Functional Medicine is the same. This is your story; Write Your Story.

The effectiveness of Functional Medicine is based on how well the patient can implement the lifestyle changes.

Thank you for helping me to identify the lifestyle changes which I felt good about. This approach made the changes much easier to make and helped me gain momentum. I now am looking for more lifestyle changes I feel good about implementing next.

Robert K.

Work with Kara


This planner is specially designed for those beginning a functional medicine journey to help organize, document, track, and budget all aspects of your unique care plan. Feel in control and confident about what steps you’re taking now and what the future holds. Includes undated monthly and weekly spreads with plenty of room for note taking, plus special sections for finances, supplements, and more.

Partner Framework


Rushing to action or pretending action is the only measure of success is what causes stress when approaching change. Preparing for change and for the other demands that will pop up while you are making change will help you stay with the Functional Medicine process.


Co-creating a medical and lifestyle plan that is equally matched to your current ability makes the Functional Medicine process effective, affordable, reasonable, and sustainable. The goal is to move forward at your own rate.


Identifying what you are willing, ready, and able to change in the next three months is the method for incremental change. This approach provides enough time to implement change and allow the change to stabilize in your life before adding in the next phase.


The Instant Gratification expectation sabotages the Functional Medicine partnership and process. It is well researched and documented that around the 6-month mark of concerted effort, the steep relapse curve levels off. [prochaska pg. 18] Therefore, choose a medical team you are prepared to work with for at least 1-year.


Social support is a key element of change-especially when faced with the demands and stresses of taking action. Learning how to talk and work with your family, friends, and co-workers regarding your lifestyle choices is crucial.


When you feel eager to implement your medical and lifestyle. recommendations, you know you are successfully partnering with your provider.


The true goal of Functional Medicine is to heal the physical and evolve spiritually. This requires us to improve our relationship with ourselves. Then we can improve the relationship with food, with loved ones, with our environment. This is the Inside-Out healing philosophy you must adopt to experience profound results. No one or nothing else, like a pill, is going to ‘fix’ everything. That’s the outside-in approach that we all know does not work.

My daughter lost 10 lbs while working with Kara. Her weight is holding even after the holidays. Even more importantly, we had a great visit to the dermatologist. Her skin has improved so much the Rifampin has been discontinued. Thank you for all your help. It's so much appreciated.

Mary S.

Cincinnati, OH