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Welcome To Functional Medicine

Once upon a time there were patients who heard there was nothing they could do. Every day they attempted to just mask their symptoms. One day, a patient asked Why am I not getting better? What is causing my symptoms? Because of that, a new medical model was created that views patients in their entirety, including mental, emotional, and spiritual, rather than a collection of organs divided up by medical specialties. The model engages medical providers and patients in an equal partnership. Until finally, it became the status-quo for these equal partners to change the patient’s destiny.

Go forth in your own style, at your own pace. Feel confident to participate in the co-creation of your personalized care plan. Place priority on the person you are becoming in the process. Write Your Story.

At first people will ask you why you are doing this, then they will ask you how you did it.

Write Your Story

Write Your Story using these Partnership Tools.

Write Your Story: Care Planner Guide-Menu of Options, Free E-book

In truth, there is so much YOU CAN DO. There’s so much you can do it can sometimes create paralysis. Information overload. Where do you even start?

It’s easy to make Functional Medicine feel super complicated. It’s common to attempt lifestyle changes that quickly feel impossible and unrealistic to maintain. In a short period of time, patients can feel like they have very little chance of succeeding. It’s like a middle or high school student trying to take a PhD course.

Use the Menu of Options to select the Lifestyle Modifications that feel easy and within reach [sleep/relaxation, nutrition, movement/exercise, stress, environment, relationships plus the new Modifiable Lifestyle Factors: time and money]. Layer the lifestyle changes to work in combination. Place priority on the basics then overtime become savvier.

Write Your Story: Functional Medicine Care Planner

Agreements rather than expectations. Expecting root cause resolution to fit within the instant gratification mindset is a lost cause. Agree to partner with the medical care team you choose for at least 1-year and use this planner to organize, document, track, budget, and TELL YOUR STORY.   “A dream, without a plan, is just a wish.”

Plan for Your Care: Functional Finances Group Coaching Event

Are you Ready?

Are you interested in Functional Medicine, however, unsure how to sustainably afford the out of pocket medical visits, diagnostic labs, supplements, and therapies?

Your journey starts here. Make a financial plan to address a main initiator of illness by giving every dollar a name.