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Personal Story

Kara spent an entire year making excuses for her toddler’s aggression, lack of speech, and extreme behaviors until she could no longer deny the obvious; something was terribly wrong. In December 2005, Kara learned that her child had been diagnosed with autism, a condition she was entirely unfamiliar with. She was told that there was nothing she could do for her child, and to take him home and medicate him. The medication was meant to silence the frequent tantrums and make the child more manageable, and she had been instructed to enroll her child in speech therapy. Other than this, all that doctors could tell Kara was to give the child copious amounts of love and ensure his safety.

Kara refused to medicate her two and a half-year-old son as their first intervention, fearful that the medication would cause more harm than good.  Kara knew that her child’s behaviors were forms of communication, through which her young boy was trying to convey the immense pain he was enduring. Kara felt hopeless, not knowing how to help her son, and unwilling to silence his communication through pharmaceuticals. Instead of wallowing and listening to the doctors’ previous claims, Kara decided to forge her own path, in what was soon to become known as Functional Medicine. 

Soon after Kara decided to seek answers to why her son regressed into Autism she had given birth to another baby boy and had a marriage end in divorce. There were no local resources available to her, so she began traveling great distances to meet with health professionals beginning to acknowledge and address underlying root causes that create the symptoms often referred to as Autism. Thanks to these professionals, Kara had unlocked previously undiscovered knowledge, spanning from craniosacral and lymphatic drainage therapy, low inflammatory nutrition, targeted nutrition supplementation, all the way to simple tasks like removing her son’s baby mattress and other toxic items commonly found in homes. These lifestyle modifications made sense to Kara.

While continuing her commitment to nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, and structural integration therapy, she later layered in other interventions. She learned that no single intervention would heal his body, but rather the interventions in combination. She layered in behavioral optometry, infrared sauna, and advanced medical interventions such as chelation, hyperbaric treatment, mold exposure treatment, and orthodontics for his restricted airway. 

In the 9th year of commitment to their evolving care plan, Kara worked with an MD to layer in a Lyme Disease protocol. Her son then jumped two academic grade levels and entered 5th grade as an independent student. After 16 years, they successfully maintain Autism remission. For the past 8 years, she has been working with functional medicine practitioners in the hopes of passing her wealth of knowledge onto families in need and in similar predicaments.

Kara learned the immeasurable value of living this Functional Medicine lifestyle with her son. Today, Kara is in her mid-forties and feeling better than she ever has. Looking back on what she has learned, Kara now credits Autism as a master teacher, forcing her to lead by example.

You know Kara, I’m absolutely astonished.  You are one of the only parents who has ever taken me seriously when I said your child will mirror your habits. You have actually chosen to lead by example. Your entire family has adopted the  required lifestyle which allows my medical piece to be successful for your son. And look at the results you have achieved! Remarkable.

– Dr. James Biddle, MD

Professional Story

In 2002, Kara was recruited to work in a rural West Virginia health care clinic as a Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW). Today, this profession is now validated in science and called Health coaching. While figuring out how to heal the root causes of her son’s Autism, she coached patients in exam rooms while they waited for their provider. New River Health had a doctor-prescribed group coaching event called “Help Yourself,” through which Kara created a chair yoga program to offer exercise to those living with diabetes, chronic pain, and other diagnoses that limit physical activity. Her chair yoga program became so successful that Kara was contracted by Marshall University, allowing her to create training materials and travel throughout the Appalachian region. Here she trained healthcare professionals in her program. She then created an innovative prescription, allowing “Help Yourself” and the chair yoga program to become doctor prescribed.

When Kara moved back to her Ohio hometown in 2010, she was shocked that no one had heard about healing root causes that create symptoms of Autism. Most had not even heard of gluten/dairy-free, or if they had, they had tried it and it “didn’t work.” 

The closest Bio-Med doctor was two hours away and was only offering medical guidance. Kara, having worked in a variety of health care clinics, decided to open an Autism Recovery Clinic. She designed a multi-disciplinary health care clinic, including health coaching appointments, a doctor for medical interventions, structural integration therapies, mHBOT, and an infrared sauna. Kara’s unique philosophy was to work first with the parents. Cranial Sacral, massage, energy work, and community outreach programs were provided services to support parents through their healing process. Healing from Autism is readily achieved when the entire family adopts the required diet and lifestyle changes and nurtures a home atmosphere conducive to healing. Kara designed her health care clinic and services based on this Family Care Plan philosophy.

In October 2013, Kara opened Integrated Connections, which became affectionately known as ‘The Little Yellow House”. Her first patients were families with teenagers living with Autism, who had exhausted conventional and alternative therapies. Such profound results happened with these children that Dr. Nathan Morris, MD of Good Medicine in Oxford, Ohio heard about the Little Yellow House. He and his wife Annie visited Integrated Connections. Dr. Morris immediately saw the effectiveness of Kara’s unique model and asked if he could be the medical provider to Kara’s clinic.

After two years, Kara joined Dr. Morris’ practice. The Little Yellow House’s overhead and work demand were more than what she could reasonably sustain. Kara became the Clinical Coordinator at Good Medicine in August 2015 and graduated with the first Functional Medicine Coaching Academy class in January 2016. After graduation, Kara became a Course Facilitator/Practicum Supervisor for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. In May 2016, Kara became a clinical advisor and the PureGenomics Business Integration at PureEncapsulations. 

Today, Kara is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), a Business Advisor, and the Business Integration Manager for PureGenomics powered by PureEncapsulations. Most recently, Kara has become the Executive Producer and co-host of the podcast, Good Medicine On The Go. For more information, email Kara at kara@karawarecoaching.com

I have told my husband and colleagues how much Kara is saving me and helping me think through things I would not have otherwise thought of. I honestly can't imagine transitioning into my Functional Medicine practice without Kara. I can't thank her enough. I think she could have an entire business with just transitioning docs.

Dr. Emily Roedersheimer, DO

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