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Season 3 Trailer


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Reimagining Marketing: Simple Steps to Build Relationships and Strengthen Your Practice

We are excited to be back with you for Season 3, where we will be discussing marketing for your functional medicine practice. You are a great doctor, but maybe you’ve seen a low conversion rate or a dip in new patients since the pandemic forced many practices to go virtual.

Marketing is the key to getting you back where you want to be, helping patients, and providing care. We know marketing can be intimidating, so this season, we will be breaking down what exactly marketing is, how to navigate it regardless of your business structure, and why it is applicable to every medical practice on the market – both new and old. Our goal is to show you how easy marketing can be, so you can get back to treating patients and not worry about your business.

Show Notes

Allan Dib

This season we interview marketing expert Allan Dib. 

Allan is the bestselling author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money And Stand Out From The Crowd. An international #1 bestseller, his book has been named as one of the top 10 best marketing books by The Huffington Post and has received critical acclaim in Medium, Inc., as well as in numerous business-focused podcasts, publications, and conferences. 

Allan shares his proven strategies and cutting-edge tactics with people all over the world as a highly sought-after business coach, consultant, and public speaker.

Full Transcript

Season 3 Trailer

Kara Ware: (00:00)
This is Good Medicine On the Go.

Nathan Morris: (00:10)
So I recently opened a new practice after 20 years of living in Ohio and I moved to Colorado. And I had just grown my Ohio practice so slowly and I transitioned from insurance to a hybrid model to a cash model. And I thought, oh man, this is so easy. I’m so smart. My reputation has allowed me to grow. You don’t really need marketing. I got this thing figured out. And I had said that. I had the arrogance to say that. And so I’ll just open up one in Colorado. Well, so I said, well, I’m going to do ads. I’m going to be a little progressive. Nobody knows me here. So let me do some ads in our local paper. And then I got on Nextdoor, which is really cutting edge for me.

Nathan Morris: (00:50)
And I got on Facebook and I said, “Functional medicine practice now open.” And it was like, crickets, man. It was like, I’m talking about, I wasn’t driving any business. And that’s when I was like, you know what? I’ve got to rethink this thing. And I realized, I didn’t know anything about marketing. So entering a new community with no established relationships drove me to dive into marketing and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. And what I found was whether you are a provider just starting out or have been in functional medicine for years, this season will be something you want to pay attention to. And we’ll have the application to you no matter where you are in your practice journey.

Kara Ware: (01:33)
Hello, and welcome to season three of Good Medicine On the Go. I’m Kara Ware, a National Board-certified health coach and business advisor.

Nathan Morris: (01:45)
And I’m Nathan Morris, a medical doctor who is also certified in functional medicine.

Kara Ware: (01:49)
Season three is exploring and answering how do we make a simple plan to address the first and often hardest part of marketing?

Nathan Morris: (02:00)
The truth is whether you like it or not, your practice is a business. And if we’re not filling our practice with patients by being effective business people, and that part of that is marketing, then we ended up making less than what we want to make. And we end up, you know, our business becomes more of a hobby. And I don’t know about the rest of the providers, but a hobby is not why we went into functional medicine.

Kara Ware: (02:22)
Yeah. Your passion has been re-ignited for medicine, but you have to make a living. We need you to stay open and in the space of functional medicine. And we also need you to be able to live the balanced life that you’re recommending to your patients.

Nathan Morris: (02:38)
Right. And then, Kara, on top of everything you add the extra challenge of COVID this year and business really becomes challenging. And we really do need marketing to help us understand how to navigate these waters that we’ve been put into.

Kara Ware: (02:52)
Yeah. And there’s hope. This season, we’ll be talking with marketing experts to help you devise a plan for the hardest phase of marketing, or really the hardest part of business development. We had all the front and back-office systems designed and in place for your new practice when you opened in Colorado and everyone was hired and trained, but then no one was walking in the door.

Nathan Morris: (03:17)
Or signing into telehealth these days.

Kara Ware: (03:21)
Exactly, exactly. Crickets, like you, said earlier. So marketing, it’s really the lifeblood for your business. And we quickly learned that it’s the fastest way to the money so that we can stay open and the best way to keep the lights on. So you can keep practicing medicine, fulfill your role as a healer and create a practice you love and enjoy.

Nathan Morris: (03:40)
So that’s the focus of this season. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the three phases of marketing, and we’re going to introduce you to our new friend and marketing expert, Allan Dib.

Kara Ware: (03:50)
Yeah. So, the three phases of marking before, during, and after, actually that is from Dean Jackson. He’s a direct response marketing guru and he designed that marketing concept.

Nathan Morris: (04:02)
So just to break it down for everybody, and we’re really going to try to do that this season makes it really simple. And we’re going to focus on the before phase in this season, which is really the most important in some aspects of the marketing is really the relationship building, getting potential patients to get to know you and indicate interest or break that inertia and actually engage with you. And that becomes a prospect-

Kara Ware: (04:29)
Yeah, that’s the crux.

Nathan Morris: (04:30)
That’s the crux, right? That’s our prospect.

Kara Ware: (04:31)
And then that second phase is what’s referred to as during. This is when you get that prospect to like you, they now know who you are, they want to buy from you. And this is where you’ll see your first patient, that first patient encounter. And then this becomes that prospect then turns into a lead.

Nathan Morris: (04:49)
Right. And then another important phase, I guess all three are important, and I think they are, is the after. And this is where we’ll talk about in another season how they become a regular and they continue to come back to your practice and will even refer their friends and family to you because they trust you. They become the raving fan. These are your customers.

Kara Ware: (05:09)
Yeah. And I would like that we’re really breaking the season down to just focus on the before phase because like we mentioned, it is the crux. It is the hardest one is to break that inertia, get somebody to indicate interest.

Nathan Morris: (05:21)
Yeah. And we’ll narrowly focus on this first phase and learn how to do it well, because without a successful before phase, you can’t succeed at the other two. You’ve got to have that as a foundation. So the before phase really boils down to three things, one, narrowly defining a target patient, two, crafting a compelling offer or a message. And I think in functional medicine it’s more about crafting that compelling message.

Kara Ware: (05:46)
Yeah. That’s specific to that very narrowly defined target patient. So we’re not talking to everyone. And so then we need to put those two together, right, that very specific target patient and that very message. And we need to reach the right people with the right message. And we want that target patient ultimately to say, “Hey, that’s me. I want to know more.” It resonates so much with them that you piqued their curiosity and now they’re ready to indicate interest.

Nathan Morris: (06:12)
Yeah. And this can be so tricky because… But what we’re really trying to do is break our audience’s inertia or getting them to take that first step and act. Make the 15-minute phone call.

Kara Ware: (06:23)
Right. That’s what we mean by breaking inertia, right, is how do we get them to take action, to indicate interest? And that’s really hard to do. That’s the hardest part is to get them to that very first point of contact with your office.

Nathan Morris: (06:34)
So in season two, we talked about how to optimize conversion rates in that 15-minute call. But first, before we can do that 15-minute call, we have to get them to make that call and break that inertia, Kara. Imagine that. And to get them to indicate interest and reach out to you to begin that relationship-building process, either via that call we talked about in the previous seasons, a contact form on your website, or a direct email to your practice.

Kara Ware: (07:02)
And to help explain all these nuances of marketing the season we’re going to hear from Allan Dib and other marketing experts as well. And Allan, he’s passionate about helping businesses find new and innovative ways to leverage marketing, to facilitate rapid business growth. And he is the author of the bestselling book The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

Nathan Morris: (07:24)
Woo-hoo. I love this book. I mean, let’s be honest. It’s in the title, one page, I can do one page. That’s why I was like picked it up. I’m like, this guy’s not asking me to do 70 pages of filling out. And this book has been a game-changer for me. And as I mentioned, I was struggling to connect with the new audience in Colorado. And when I found this book, it just clicked. I realized I was falling into the same pitfalls that so many people do and understanding Allan’s simplified approach to marketing helped me understand what I needed to change. And it was not that hard, but I had to be willing to change my view of what I needed to do to bring in patients to my practice.

Kara Ware: (08:02)
Yeah. And that’s Allan’s whole point is it doesn’t have to be hard. He’s actually going to take us from marketing confusion to clarity.

Nathan Morris: (08:09)
Yeah. All of a sudden I was having these aha moments like, well, son of a bitch. I’ve been thinking about this all wrong the whole time. And doctors, let’s be honest, we kind of as a whole, and I’ll speak for most providers, we’re not great at business. And so we really need to be vulnerable and say, hey, we can learn how to do this better.

Kara Ware: (08:27)
Yeah. And that’s why we want to share this with you and take you on this journey with us. Allan Dib, he’s not a functional medicine expert, but what he covers is a hundred percent applicable to functional medicine.

Nathan Morris: (08:38)
So we hope you’ll join us this season as we explore how to market a functional medicine practice and really apply a business lens to it, but really take it and make it applicable to our functional medicine providers.

Kara Ware: (08:51)
Yeah. I love this. I love learning more about marketing. Marketing’s like this kind of a term, it’s like, well, what does it really mean?

Nathan Morris: (09:01)
Yeah. And I learned a lot.

Kara Ware: (09:01)
And so remember to subscribe so that you’re notified when season three officially launches. So check out the show notes for links to Allan’s book and other resources to follow along the season and plus join our newsletter to receive the latest episodes, blog posts, exclusive resources. So remember, if you like to support this podcast, will you please subscribe and rate and review and tell a friend. Thank you to everyone who is responsible for making this podcast possible. To our sponsors, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra Brands, and LivingMatrix. And big thanks to our writing team, Kelsey Stafstrom, and Paul Larkin, and our audio engineer Isadore Nieves.

About the Authors

Nathan Morris
Nathan Morris, M.D.

Nathan Morris, M.D. is a family practice, trained functional medicine practitioner. He specializes in determining connections between seemingly disparate clinical observations, approaching the body as an integrated whole. Dr. Morris applies genetic testing as a tool to objectively guide personalized approaches.

Kara Ware
Kara Ware

Kara Ware has worked in conventional and functional medicine practices for the past 18-years. She is a leading contributor to improving patient retention and clinical outcomes for Functional Medicine practices. Her deep understanding of the patient’s experience, her business acumen, and her coaching skills make Kara an important asset when designing, opening, running, and growing a Functional Medicine practice. Her unique skill set has made her a sought-after business integration coach.

I am a paid advisor at Pure Encapsulations, I do not have any other conflicts of interest. All podcast productions represent the opinions of the co-hosts and do not represent the position or the opinion of the sponsor. Reference by the presenter to any specific product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, or manufacturer does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendations by the Sponsor. The podcast is not substitutions for standard medical care. The podcast is intended for licensed health care practitioners. Practitioners are solely responsible for the care and treatment provided to their own patients.