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Hey Providers! How READY are You to offer Personalized Medicine?

How do I add nutrigenomics without being a geneticist?

Learning a complex topic such as nutrigenomics and using a genetic interpretation tool can be intimidating, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

In this virtual event series, Dr. Nathan Morris, MD will simplify genetics by walking you through patient history + genetics case studies so you can feel confident applying a genetic report to your clinical decision-making.

Nutrigenomics Case Study Virtual Events 3-4-2021

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Meet Kara

Kara Ware’s business and health coaching services best prepare and supports the medical providers, patients, and parents of patients to create and work within an equal, therapeutic partnership. The equal partnership is the key that makes the Functional Medicine process successful. Kara evolved the health coach workflow model to reduce providers’ stress and improve the patients’ experience. The evolved workflow truly initiates and breathes life into Functional Medicine’s mutual-participatory medical model.

Kara Ware is a true innovator in Functional Medicine.

Priya Kamani